Charleston police unsuccessful in finding wanted suspect

Police search apartment for wanted man


Justin Brown

Charleston police department executes a warrant at an apartment complex on the corner of Arthur and 10th Street Tuesday afternoon. Patrol Lt. John Bennett said afterwards that despite no one being in the apartment building at the time they received a tip the individual they were looking for was in the building.

Kennedy Nolen, Multicultural Reporter

The Charleston Police Department were unsuccessful in finding a wanted suspect Tuesday afternoon after surrounding and searching 973 Arthur Ave. for nearly two hours.

Patrol Lieutenant John Bennett said he could not disclose the man’s identity or why he had a warrant for his arrest because of the suspect’s age.

Police were on the scene from approximately 2 to 4 p.m. All roads surrounding the apartment complex were blocked off by police vehicles.

After roughly an hour, the police went inside and found the apartment empty, which disappointed the crowd recording videos and taking pictures.

To ensure the wanted male could hear them, the police used a loud speaker to say they were not leaving until he exited the apartment.

Neighbors said they did not feel safe not knowing who the man was.

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